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Have everything 26 products on the list Curries & Fry
Prawns Fry

250 - 180 Rs.

Prawns tawa fry

White Promfret Fry

500 - 250 Rs.

White Promfret / Avoli Tawa fry

Black Pomfret/Avoli fry

350 - 200 Rs.

Black Promfret / Avoli tawa fry

Saradien/Mathi Fry

120 - 40 Rs.

Two peice of mathi fry in coconut/sunflower oil. Kerala style fry.

Marakele/Ayala Fish Fry

120 - 60 Rs.

One whole Ayala Fry cooked in low flame in coconut oil or Sunflower oil.

Fish Kabab

100 Rs.

100g of Fish Kabab

Karimeen Fry

300 Rs.

Karimeen tawa fry

Seer Fish Fry

350 Rs.

Seer fish slice tawa fry

Chicken Kabab (Hotel Style)

150 - 120 Rs.

200g of chicken with bone kabab deep fried in sunflower oil.

Chicken Kabab (Half Plate 5Pc)

220 - 180 Rs.

5pc (300g) of chicken wth bone slow cooked and deep fried in sunfolower oil.