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Alaya/Bangada Fish Coconut Curry

300 - 280 Rs.

Ayala Curyy prepared in treditional kerala style.

Mackerel/Ayala Fish Red Chilly Curry

350 - 250 Rs.

300ml of Mackerel/Ayala fish red chilly or mulaku curry.

Crab Roast

500 - 300 Rs.

350g of medium prawns cooked in coconut/sunfloer oil. Kerala style cooking.

Shark Fish Curry

300 Rs.

One portion of shark prepared in coconut milk

Squid/Koonthal Roast

300 Rs.

Squid or Koonthal roast

White Promfret Fry

500 Rs.

White Promfret / Avoli Tawa fry

Black Pomfret/Avoli fry

350 Rs.

Black Promfret / Avoli tawa fry

Fish Fillet deep fry

150 Rs.

Fish Fillet deep fry

Karimeen Pollichathu

450 Rs.

Karimeen pollichathu - Treditional Kerala Style

Rohu Fish Fry

150 Rs.

3 Slice of Rohu Fish tawa fry