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Kora Fish - Per KG

600 Rs.

You get whole fish weighing between 700g to 1kg.

River Murrel Fish

500 - 450 Rs.

You get 1kg whole fish.


220 - 200 Rs.

Each fish be weighing between 700gms to 1kg. Final bill will be given at the time of delviery. Above cost is per kg.


300 - 260 Rs.

Each fish weight between 650gms to 1.5kg. Final price of the fish will be given at the time of the delivery.Above price is for per kg.

Rohu Fish

220 - 200 Rs.

You get one kg of whole fish. 

Bhetki Fish - Per KG

700 - 650 Rs.

You will have to buy whole fish weighing between 800gms to 2kg.

Indian Salmon

900 - 650 Rs.

You will have to bus whole fish. Each fish may weigh between 800gms to 1.5kg.

Lady Fish - Per KG

750 - 650 Rs.

You get 1kg of whole Lady Fish.

Medium Prawns / Chemmeen - Per KG

650 - 520 Rs.

You get 1kg of whole (Not cleaned/peeled) medium Prawns / Vennami / Cemmin. Will be delivered after cleaning. net weight would be between 550g - 600g after cleaning.

Sheela / Barracuda - Per KG

475 - 420 Rs.

You need to buy medium size whole fish weighing between 1kg to 2kg