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Have everything 20 products on the list Chicken and Meat
Chicken without skin

350 - 250 Rs.

Tender Chicken with bone 1kg

Spring Chicken without skin

400 - 380 Rs.

You get whole chicken with or without skin weighing between 500g to 750gms

Chicken Drumstick without skin

425 - 350 Rs.

Chicken drumstick without skin 1kg.

Chicken Breast Fillet

450 - 380 Rs.

Chicken breast without skin 1kg.

Chicken boneless

450 - 380 Rs.

Boneless chicken 1kg.

Chicken Curry cut without skin

300 - 250 Rs.

1kg Tender & Antibiotic-residue free Chicken without skin Curry Cut.

Poth Brain - Per Piece

300 - 275 Rs.

You get poth brain here

Erachi Liver 500gms

200 - 175 Rs.

You get 500gms of raw poth liver

Erachi - Boneless with 150g FAT

380 Rs.

You get Potherachi with 150gms of FAT

Erachi - Boneless with 100g FAT

400 Rs.

You get Potherachi Boneless with 100gms of FAT.